Sunday, November 18, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

My name is Jane and I am a Pinterestaholic.  It all started two weeks ago when I finally succumbed to peer pressure and decided to see what this "Pinterest" thing was all about.  I haven't stopped pinning since.  However, some good things have come out of my addiction and one of them is that I have found some neat ideas on how to do my hair and makeup for the holiday season.  I've been practicing a little bit and decided to let you all in on the action to help me decide which look looks the best - since my husband is absolutely no help with these sorts of things.  I'll ask how I look and a typical response will be "Your lips are very red," or "Yep, your hair is up," as though those are actual answers.

I have two up-do looks for you today and more may be on the way depending on my energy levels over the next few weeks.

Look #1: Starting the Party with a BANG

Look #2: Sidebun Fun

Okay, judge away!  Tell me which look you like better and why.



  1. Bang with red- such a classic beauty look that I just love! It's so Audrey Hepburn-esque! And I'm a total sucker for red lips. The berry is beautiful and should be worn sometime this winter/holiday season, but I love love love the red, especially on you!

  2. You are just such a beauty Jane! I'm loving the first look, I think it's cause I just adore the fringe on you. You rock it so well!!! Although you look fab with both looks...

  3. Thanks girls. I agree with you both - the 1st look is better and will be a main contender. Stay tuned and I'll see what other looks I have up my sleeve!